An IRC-bot

A simple bot a play with from time to time. To code is not yet finished (and probably never will be), but should be fully working and could be helpful for someone who wishes to use the IRC library it is built on top of. To help a possible migration from a Dancer type bot, I wrote, which extracts data from dancer.users and spits them out in another format.


The bot itself.
Example configuration file.
Example user database.
Commands available for users are implemented in a separate module which can be reloaded runtime.
Script for checking that the bot is alive from cron. Assumes a procfilesystem is available. The cron-entry on the computer where I run this bot looks something like this:
10,40 * * * * $HOME/bothome/ $HOME/bothome/pid $HOME/bothome python bot bot.conf

Last updated 2002-09-11.

Steinar Knutsen