IRC library

In the summer of 2000 I worked at UNINETT where I among other things wrote an IRC library. These library components are freely usable in open source projects as long as a notice that these libraries were developed in a project paid for by UNINETT is included in a startup message or similar.

Below are the original files, I have later done some changes, these are available in updated_lib/.
An IRC-interface module.
Short overview of irclink.
asyncore-look-a-like. (I could explain why I wrote my own, but I won't. :) )
A short program useful for continuous logging.
Wrapper classes for running external binaries.

A bot

An example of how the library can be used. It is not finished yet, but perhaps it's useful for someone. (It should be fully working, but somwhat sparse on features.) This code is not part of the UNINETT project.

Last updated 2004-11-12.

Steinar Knutsen