Course materials
Slides from a course in Python I held in 1999. (Norwegian)
An example of how to mirror a single web page and its contents without mirroring an entire site.
Three different implementations of a module which contains a compare function suited for sorting lists of source code revisions and similar.
This modules provides table lookups in a style similar to the DCL command line in VMS.
Framework for line-oriented command interpreters which use DCLMatcher objects or dictionaries as command lookup tables. Doing exactly what I wanted was a little cumbersome using the cmd module, so I reinvented the wheel.
A filter for generating an HTML file from a plain text file.
A minimal, non-forking, portable chat-server. GPLed.
Simple program to jot small źnotes-to-self╗ and similar. Needs DCLMatcher and LineInterpreter.
Minimal Gopher server.
Generates HTML files from input files with a syntax vaguely reminding AmigaGuide or Lout. Needs DCLMatcher. For instance this page and my home page are maintained using this system. Take a look at index.ghtml if you want to see an example source file.
Converts indented plain text outlines to Lout source.
IRC library
An IRC library I wrote while working for UNINETT in the summer of 2000.
A wiki based on a fork from PikiPiki 1.62. Main differences is using document hashes to avoid overwriting other people's changes to a page and better handling of international characters in wiki names. PikiPiki is GPLed, therefore MornMorn is too.
Converts indented plain text outlines to HTML.
Simple, little thingie. Usage is best described with an example:
Given the file test with the content
a = opqrstu = 1
ab = vwxy = 2
abc = z = 3

The command align = < test will output:
a   = opqrstu = 1
ab  = vwxy    = 2
abc = z       = 3

The command line argument may be a single character, as here, or a string. (align inserts space characters, non-breaking space is used here only for layout.) Tab characters are not handled in a proper way, use expand and unexpand or similar if you need that and want to use this program.
Yet another attempt at generating HTML. A bit nicer than GuideHTML I think. Documentation.


This page consists mainly of programs I have written simply to get things done. The quality of both documentation, if any, and code varies extremely. Most of the material on this site carries a modified BSD license where applicaple.

Last updated 2003-12-18.

Steinar Knutsen