I generally use GForth or pForth on "Freenix" systems (mostly Linux on ARM and PowerPC) and I am too lazy to properly check my programs for standardization. Sorry.

The programs here are pretty banal, but I find it helpful having other people's code to look at when I learn a new language. So...

Just a three line programming excercise, a standard double linked list in Forth.
XOR STDIN with the contents of a file. If STDIN contains more data than the file, the file pointer is looped as many times as necessary.
A program for consulting the standard. I wrote it to help myself learn Forth.
forthref '!'
will simply start lynx with the definition of the word ! as the current page. You will also need dpansdict. Remember to edit the word dictfilename so forthref finds the dpansdict-file.
Generating HTML by writing documents that are executable and are run on on the webserver with no security. Also rather bad code. But it was fun.
A mergesort implemention adapted to the linked list implementation above. Compare is vectored, so it is easy to adapt to strings, ints, floats or other data types. Contains test harness usable as example.


This page consists mainly of programs I have written simply to get things done. The quality of both documentation, if any, and code varies extremely. Most of the material on this site carries a modified BSD license where applicaple.

Last update 2004-02-01.

Steinar Knutsen